Robomo Club Robot Project


To Do List (In no particular order):

URDF Model
URDF container
Wheel Encoders
Line sensors
Line following node
Installing Lines to follow
Monitor Power
Mounting E-Stop
Docking station
SLAM software
IMU selection and mounting
Odom an IMU fusion
Video camera selection and mounting
WebRTC setup
Telepresense control
many more…

Looking for volunteers for any of these projects. I’m hoping to go over this more during the meeting Saturday.


I thought about using wheel encoders on my bot. Magnets glued to the wheel or sprocket, and then a hall effect sensor, may be best to avoid getting dust/dirt in an optical sensor.
You could also glue a reflector to the wheel, and use a light emitter & detector to count the reflections.
I skipped the wheel encoders for now though. My bot has so much wheel slippage, that any wheel odometry would be worthless. I am trying to get a compass/gyro/accelerometer to work, but I can’t seem to get the arduino code to work correctly.

I want to use ultra-sonic and Infrared distance sensors, along with compass directions to have the robot navigate.


As long as we’re not in a hurry I can work on the URDF


That would be great. We need a URDF. I’m just using an old one right now.


I took some pictures of the wheels to help with encoder plans.


Can someone please tell me, What is URDF?


Unified Robot Description Format
It’s a way to describe the physical robot include individual parts (called “links”), and the connections between them (“joints”). The most basic describes the basic size of the robot and where parts are relative to one another. This is useful for navigation (e.g. how much clearance is needed to fit through an opening, or where is the distance sensor relative to the wheels). More complicated descriptions all for the definition of mass, center-of-mass, coefficients of friction, etc. so that the robot can be simulated precisely in programs like Gazebo.


And I haven’t had the chance to go over to Arch Reactor to take measurements to create this URDF.