Show And Tell (Your Builds)


Can you post some close up photos , or videos of the arms? It looks quite complicated. I’d like to see how they work. I want to add arms to Zoe, but I am still working on her GPS and Wheel Odometry.


ABS was used a lot in its construction. I need to make changes to the shoulder to get a better range of movements. A number of motors still need to be added.


What kind of actuators are those? pneumatic? electric ? Were they expensive? Where did you get them?


Electric linear actuators, ebay. They were not expensive. They are heavy.


Are you using some type of driver board to control them? What kind of processor/MPU/CPU are you controlling them with? do they have any type of feedback, ie ‘positional sensors’ built into them?


Laptop controlling a arduino using 8 relay boards for the arms major movements. Separate arduinos for different parts of the robot. Relays can be used reverse voltage just takes multiple relays. The catch is another relay has to turn off the electricity otherwise for a very brief period of time short circuit. Potentiometer to find a joint angle used for positional control. The relays have a annoying delay that has to be accounted for in programming. I figure I will replace the relays with something better eventually or find ones without a delay. Motors for the wrist and servos for the hand have not been installed yet. The other arm just has enough parts put in so the robot doesn’t appear one armed. Mechanism for a simple claw hand on that side. There are linear actuators with built in positional control.