Build session location and times

We had a build session with about a one week notice and we’re wondering why only a few showed up compared to Josh’s house. We would like to get some feedback from club members about whether or not this location and times work for you and understand why we get less people at that location.

My personal suggestion is to move it to Saturday afternoon. Josh or Jason suggested that we have “shifts” where one person can host at the location earlier in the day and another person can take over later in the day.
Jason noted that we tend to get better attendance when we have a focus for the build even if you’re free to work on anything.
Josh is hoping we can get a better idea of member’s locations so we can plan on having build sessions where more people can come.
I’m also wondering if I need to announce even further in advance for that location.
This topic will also be brought up at the next meeting but if some early discussion can start here that would be good.