Eeking help with a robot build that can descend into a cave


Dear Craig and Friends:

I am here seeking help with a robot build that can descend a 2 inch PVC pipe 49 feet into a “lost” historic cave called English Cave. This is in S. South St. Louis near Benton Park and we call it the English Cave Recovery Project.
We have two drilled holes at present and a LIDAR scan.
At the north end wall of the cave is LIDAR evidence of a ramp or steps and that would be the primary target of the robot. That area is 40 feet away. But flashlights and video can only get us so far.
Aside from LIDAR we have done a GPR scan, soil surveys, an air quality test and hundreds of hours of deep research in various forms. If you know anyone that would be interested please contact Bill Kranz at this address:
I was sent here on the advice of Christine Nobbe of the St. Louis Space Frontier and I am a member of that group. We have had this project in the news since mid March 2020 and here are some URL’s to follow - if they show up. Combined web views are over 15,000. I am trying to find out if I should post this appeal on the general Meetup page and have contacted Craig about this.
Thanks again, Bill Kranz Master Listing of websites on English Cave St. Louis Magazine article by Chris Naffziger
Missouri Historical Society “The Recovery of English Cave” edited by Eric Wilkinson
The three 2020 drilling related videos: Thursday March 12:
Friday March 13:
Monday March 16:
English Cave House Party by Bill Kranz
English Cave Discovery Video on the GPR work


I don’t have the skill set yet to be able to build the robot you need. I only have two robots and neither fit what you need. I do find the project your working on very interesting and hope you can get the robot you need built. I only have ever went to two of robomo meetings so I don’t fit as a representative of the Robomo club. Hopefully someone else can point you in the direction you need.



Hey thanks for thinking about what we are trying to achieve and giving us
encouragement! It is a challenging situation we have to deal with but will make the best
we can of it.

Have a nice Friday and weekend regardless!!

Bill Kranz