GPS RTK and audupilot for rover (mower) - need to learn what I don't know


Wanting to make a mowbot and it looks like prices for GPS RTK have come down to levels to make this doable for me. But I know very little about RC/drone controllers. Anyone in the group doing something similar? Are there any local GPS reference stations that are open/public so I don’t have to make one?

Will try to get to a meeting. Maybe in March…




So i have been messing with the Ardupilot quite a bit and would like to get involved with this. I too am trying to get a group together that works in the Ardupilot / Rover realm. I know some stuff but I also know that I dont’ know alot LOL… Can I join your team?


Sure, but it is just me at this time. I have been looking at the uBlox F9P GPS and RTKLIB for the RTK portion. Have a bit of experience with the raspberry pi board and linux. Sparkfun has a board with the F9P for a little over $200. There is a reference station in north St. Louis so I only need one of the GPS receivers.