In Memoriam of Mike Moody


Mike Moody
Previous president of Robomo and known to some as Windfield Mike, passed away on May 14th, 2020.


Here’s a picture of Mike (on right). I posted it to


This really hurts to hear. I remember seeing him often when I joined Robomo many years ago. He helped many members including myself in projects, and he was an inspiration for me as a kid for what you could do with robots, especially given what he managed to do with Lego Mindstorms.

My respects to him and his family.


He was wonderful. I’ll miss him.


I was fortunate to have met Mike and he was a great inspiration to me and my obsession with robot’s. I learned a great deal from him and like everyone who knew him enjoyed my time with him. He will be missed. He asked that I continue Robomo in his absence and I will continue to do so in a fashion he would appreciate. My regards to his family. One of my fond memories was with the old group launching weather balloons and just chatting about robots…


When I started attending ROBOMO meetings, I felt comfortable right away. Mike ran the meetings in a causal, open manner that makes participating stress free. I feel that the meetings continue that way, and I am grateful!

My condolences to the family.


Here is his obituary:!/Obituary


I met Mike when I first went to Robomo a couple years ago. They invited me to a Friday night build session at Rich M’s house and the very first thing mike helped me with was he took a GPS unit from a Onstar system and helped me get data using the arduino. My mind was BLOWN!! I’ve been a huge electronics enthusiast since. My heart goes out to his family.