Interested in this group


Y’all are kind of hard to find!

My name is Will. I have been working in the industrial automation space for about 8 years. As a robot programmer(Fanuc, Yaskawa, UR, Epson, IAI), automation eng, and most recently a SCADA developer(java, SQL, and python). I have been interested in a group like this for some time. And have periodically googled for a robot group in STL with little to no results until today. However, I am more interested in battle bots and drone tech than traditional hobby robots and could possibly get a space and support from my company. If any members are interested please let me know. I also have access to machining, 3d printing, proper CAD and so on.

How do I get started with you guys? Just show up at the meeting?


You sound like a perfect fit to me. We’d love to see you at a meeting. You can just show up to the next meeting on September 7th. There will be a talk given and the afterwords we hang out and talk about robots and stuff.


Hey Bill, i’m totally interested in the drone tech and battlebot stuff. What are you working on? I’m currently working on a Ardupilot drone hopefully long range and messing with the Pi and Arduino doing some home automation type stuff.