Recommendations on buying aluminum extrusion


Howdy everybody!
I’m getting back into hobby robotics, and am excited that there’s a community here in St. Louis! :smiley:
I’m looking to purchase some aluminum extrusion for a 3D printer frame. Who do y’all recommend buying from?


NEFF POWER is the only 80/20 dealer that I know of in the area. 675 Spirit Valley Central Dr

Best prices metal supplier for hobbyists

Metal Supermarket does not sell 80/20 extrusions
but they do sell sheets and bar stock.


Metal Supermarket is also a bit less expensive than Shapiro and will do custom cuts very cheep.

You can get 80/20 from Grainger also. They have a local store near Dorset & 270; I think there’s still one in Fenton too.

Shapiro has the best selection and often has small pieces available. Sometimes they will negotiate price.


That’s good to know. Thanks for the additional info.
I’ll have to check out Grainger for 80/20 extrusion.