Club Robots 2019 - Planning


The official decision is we’d like to go with the custom bases. That is if the MadTooler is willing to use his mad skills to make them.


Finally got a look at the HC-SR04 sensors I ordered. Using this example code on an Arduino Uno: I have not had any issues with the out-of-range problem. The response time over the serial monitor seems more than fast enough for the speed of robot movement we’re dealing with.

I’ll try them out on the ESP later.


I am starting work on the initial prototype now. Main priority being a functional ball caster. The rest is pretty straight forward.

What I need from the club is any suggested revisions to the design before the next meeting. Primarily with the 1/2" thick main plate’s overall size, shape, possible hole patterns, etc. Any other thoughts are also welcome.

It would also be helpful to hear any thoughts of future projects with these robot bases to better guide any other possible tweaks.


Using the ESP8266 NodeMCU board, the HC-SR04 sensor works just fine with a simple voltage divider. No issues with out-of-range timeouts either.

Given that the sensor is so cheap, I’d recommend including one or two with each kit.

Testing using edges, the sensor stops detecting objects between a 30 to 45 degree angle from parallel with the sensor face. This varies with the axis the angle is on.

My only note on use is that it probably should be avoided being used around pets, so they’re not irritated by it.


I think we will be mounting to SRF-04 ultrasonic on the front. I think you can probably use self taping screws. we would wither have them side by side off by 15 degrees for left and right detection or have one pointed forward and the other down for front and cliff detection. That could be up to the person building the robot.
On the top a 400 point bread board will be mounted. Might just use double sided tape that is already on the board. We are thinking of including a second smaller 170 point board for optional expansion.
I need some feed back on the batteries. AA for sure. 6 or 9 volt. Would be nice to get a battery pack with a switch to avoid extra parts.


I started a new thread to cover the ball caster:


I made a video of my first attempt at assembling the robot chassis and a test drive using an arduino and IR remote. We should make a better and more complete video after today’s meeting and some hands on time.


Added srf04


where is the code for your range finder version?